El-Khalil peace be upon him

El-Khalil peace be upon him

مسلسل خليل الله - الحلقة 1 - Khaleel Allah series HD

General Synopsis

Abraham ( Peace be upon him)

Khalil Allah series revolves around the life of the prophet Abraham from his birth till his death including some other temporary prophets who are Ismael, Izaak, Lot and Jacob (peace be upon them).

Series in 30 episodes the duration of each episode is 20 minutes including titles.

Produced By

ATA Media Art production and Distribution

 – Graphic 3D, Full High Definition by


 – Idea and General Supervision

Ahmed Taha

 – Scenario and dialogue

  Mohammed Hilal ELBiali

 – Directed by

Ahmed Hassan


One among the determined Prophets of God  who endowed him with maturity while he was still young.

His family and community were worshipping idols . His father  AZAR was not only the most famous maker of statues and idols in that time but also was loyal servant to idols . He even wanted his son Abraham to be a priest and a servant of the gods.

But Abraham (Peace be upon him) embarrassed his father , the monks and his people by his refusal to worship the idols and explaining to them that they were but stones made by their own hands which were neither beneficial nor harmful.

Abraham  even made the chief priests silent after  he proved them the evidence.

Abraham vowed to smash down those idols, which they were claiming to be their gods.

Thus Abraham went to the great temple and broke all the idols except the greatest one that they might come back to him, and the people of the town knew what Abraham did and they judged him and decided to take revenge on him for the support of their gods.

The men made a great fire and threw Abraham by a catapult machine which they made to keep away from the burning fire ‘s flames. But the fire was cool and peaceful for Abraham who came out victoriously of the large hole  unscathed thanks to The Almighty God.

Abraham news reached to King Nimrod, who was worshiped by some people and considered him their god. Nimrod called Abraham to argue with him his beliefs and the famous debate took place between them. Nimrod was defending his divinity in front of Abraham and saying that he was god. But Abraham  made Nimrod silent  saying, “Allah lets the sun come from the East so could you let it come from the West ?” and this made Nimrod amazed.

The events continued by his marriage to Sarah, the birth of Lot, His marriage to HAGAR , His journey with Hagar and Ishmael to the sacred land where they were left alone and were saved from starvation and thrust thanks to The Almighty God’s miracle :The emergence of Zemzem water.

Abraham’s ordeal when God ordered him to slaughter his only son Ishmael because he had to obey the Almighty God .

Abraham’s gests informed Sarah of the coming childbirth even if she and Abraham were very old.

The Almighty God sent his angels to destroy  Lot’s people because of their disbelief, stubbornness and “bawdiness”.

Abraham raised the poles of the Sacred House together with his son Ishmael and their call towards Monotheism And there Abraham prayed and beseeched GOD to have a prophet among its inhabitants to guide his people towards monotheism.

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