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The events of Khalil Allah series revolves around the life of the Prophet Abraham including  some other contemporary prophets, peace be upon them.He was brought up within a community that used to worshiped idols and his father was the most famous best maker of the statues.And upon his conviction by nature, he knew that his father and his family were in a manifest error which led to the confrontation .

Fire Miracle

Not only with the father and the communitybut also with King Nimrod, who considered himself to be a god..
According King Nimrod ordered to make a great fire to burn Abraham because he dared to demolish the idols which they considered to be their gods.But Abraham survives by a miracle and the events continue with his marriage to Sarah and Hagar.

Rising sacred house

The birth of Ishmael and the miracle of Zamzam water, Lot's people "sodomites" destruction because of their stubbornness and insistence on immorality.the escape of Sarah from Pharaoh's oppression, the guests of Abraham who brought the good tidings to Sarah and Abraham of the birth of Isaac and Jacob.The rising of the sacred house's foundation by Abraham and Ishmael and their call to Monotheism.

Fire scene
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Production Masters

Idea & Supervision

Ahmed Taha

Scenario and dialogue

Mohammed Hilal ELBiali

Directed by

Ahmed Hassan


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