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Donia Series
3d-animation 3d-promotions 3d-series dunia-series media-production
Habib Allah
3d-animation 3d-promotions 3d-series habib-allah media-production
Kalimu Allah – God Speaker
3d-animation 3d-promotions 3d-series kalimu-allah media-production studios
El-Khalil peace be upon him
3d-animation 3d-promotions 3d-series media-production
Hussain Al Jasmy – Sitta Essobh
3d-animation welad-el-eih
Songs From Series ( Welad Eleih )
3d-promotions 3d-series welad-el-eih

What Others Say About Us?

Who We Are?

ATA Animation Studio is currently the largest graphic studio in the Middle East

ATA Animation Studio is a progressive independent media art production and distribution company, specialized in 3D graphic, with an excellent and proven track record of outcomes.

We are a group of more than 120 creative and talented professionals using the newest and most sophisticated equipments and software.

We have the best and the largest 3D graphic studio and the biggest render farm. We also have two big fully equipped montage units.

3D graphic animation activity started in 2007 when the studio was equipped with the most advanced equipments and specialized hardware and software in the field of 3D Graphic production along with the young talents specialized in the production of any of the projects at the highest level.

ATA Animation studio has accomplished many projects for local and international customers in 3D graphic animation including:
” KHALIL ALLAH ” series in Arabic language, with English subtitles which is made in 30 episodes produced in 2015.
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