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Step back in time to witness the captivating events of the Khalil Allah series, which delves into the life of the revered Prophet Abraham and his contemporaries. Growing up within a community that worshipped idols, Abraham faced a unique challenge as his father was renowned for his skill in statue-making. But driven by an unwavering conviction, Abraham knew that his family and community were lost in a manifest error, leading to a momentous confrontation. Follow the journey of this courageous prophet as he strives to spread the truth and inspire generations to come, leaving an indelible mark on the course of history.

Prophet Abraham Fire Miracle

Journey through time to witness the remarkable story of Abraham, whose unwavering faith defied not only his father and community, but also the mighty King Nimrod, who considered himself to be a god. In a shocking act of rebellion, Abraham dared to demolish the idols that were worshipped as gods, and in response, King Nimrod ordered a great fire to be lit to burn Abraham alive. But by a miracle, Abraham survived, and his story continues with his marriage to Sarah and Hagar. These incredible events are a testament to the power of faith and the will of a courageous individual to stand up against oppression and tyranny, inspiring generations to come

Rising Sacred House of Mecca

Step back in time to witness the extraordinary events that shaped the foundations of our world. Experience the birth of Ishmael and the miraculous appearance of the Zamzam water, a symbol of hope and divine intervention. Witness the destruction of Lot's people, known as the "sodomites," as they stubbornly clung to immorality, only to meet their ultimate fate. Follow Sarah's daring escape from Pharaoh's oppressive grasp, and rejoice as guests of Abraham bring the good news of Isaac and Jacob's births. Above all, witness the rise of the sacred house's foundation by Abraham and Ishmael, a testament to their unwavering devotion to Monotheism. These incredible moments in history continue to inspire and guide us to this day, as we embrace the legacy of those who came before us.

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Ahmed Taha

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Mohammed Hilal ELBiali

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Mohammed Hilal ELBiali

Dr. Ahmed Hassan





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