The events of " Kalim Allah " Moses (Peace be upon him) series revolves around the life of the Prophet Moses (Peace be upon him) From birth until drowned Pharaoh through the entry of children of Israel into Egypt and until they left Egypt and drowned Pharaoh and the miracles that were done by Moses peace be upon him serial consists of thirty episodes and the duration of each episode twenty minutes


His community

The events of the season two started where the season one ended by the sinking of Pharaoh and his soldiers, while the children of Israel escaped from his fist thanks to the Miracle of Moses' stick (peace be upon him) which paved the sea into two sides. And this paved the way for the children of Israel to cross to the other safe side.What they saw with their own eyes was really amazing.But instead of thanking Allah and His Messenger for saving them from slavery and the Pharaoh's oppression, they were determined to go back to the worship of idols just like what the people of the village, which they passed by , were doing.

The Samaritan

This made the Samaritan profit from the absence of Moses who went to meet His Lord in the Tore maintain, and he fascinated the children of Israel by collecting their gold and making the calf as their God whom they were too much longing to see.when Moses knew about this he was upset and too much angry. He punished them by commanding them to kill each other until God forgave them.The Samaritan was isolated and forsaken for all his life as a punishment.Then Moses returned to his mission which God had commanded him that was reading what came in the panels : The Ten Commandments.

God deprived them from entering Jerusalem

Moses chose seventy men to go with him to Tore Mountain to ask God's forgiveness for them and their people for worshipping the calf.After their return, Moses told the children of Israel to go to Jerusalem, and when he asked them to enter and fight its inhabitants, they refused pretending that the inhabitants were powerful.Because of their refusal God deprived them from entering Jerusalem and let them wander in the desert for forty years as a punishment.During the period of wandering in the desert, there was the story of the cloud to protect the children of Israel from the sun heat, the manna and quails when they were hungry, the story of the twelve water springs when they were thirsty and the story of the heifer that Moses ordered to be sacrificed in order to know the murderer who killed a wealthy man among the children of Israel.

Moses and Elkhedr

The children of Israel were impressed by Moses Talk and they admired him for being the only one who had more knowledge in the earth. He agreed with them without paying attention that knowledge was attributed to God alone , and that God who could grant His knowledge to whom He wants like the case of AL KHEDR.God arranged Moses' meeting with AL KHEDR to learn from him the reasons why AL KHIDR had pierced the ship, why he killed the boy, and why he repaired the wall of the village.Moses also asked this man to teach him even if he is a Prophet.Moses witnessed the death of his brother Aaron and then he was dead.The series ends with a flash back summarizing the life of the prophet Moses (Peace be upon him).

Production Masters


Ahmed Taha

Idea & Supervision

Walaa Sherif

Scenario and dialogue

Walaa Sherif

Ahmed Hassan



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