A cartoon series with 3D graphic technology, its events take place in a social comic form and in a dramatic context. We fly in the space of thought and imagination ... to see more and more the scenes that the audience does not see about the life of the football player, and we approach the coaches and the technical staff to see The hidden scenes in the lives of the national team players It tells about secrets that the public did not know, real scenes, as well as unreal scenes from the imagination of the scriptwriter in a light comic drama. It is also a social and human comedy series that presents the lives of the national team players, their relationship with the media, and the differences that arise between them in a realistic way. It consists of separate connected episodes that bring us closer to the life of more than 35 football stars in the Arab world, for example, but not limited to, a number of media stars in the Arab world as well, and some members of the Egyptian Football Association

The series deals with the negatives and positives in public, football and sports life through many innovative personalities who have social, human and other relationships with real action heroes, in order to create a series full of events that takes us to the real reality. For our general and football society within the framework of a social comedy series that tells very precise secrets and very accurate scenes that the viewer or the audience has not seen and will not see except through the events of the series.

This, of course, is the most important axes that the series will revolve around... As for the interlocking details, they will be detailed in the scenario of the episodes.
The series 3 season, 90 episodes, and the duration of each episode is approximately fifteen minutes, including the titers.

Production Masters


Ahmed Taha

Idea & Supervision

Walaa Sherif

Scenario and dialogue

Walaa Sherif

Ahmed Hassan



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