Before Soliman

After the Prophet Joshua opened Jerusalem for Bani Israel and lived in peace with the Palestinians. But then they returned to their past, where the injustice and indulged in the sins and disobedience.They were defeated by Galoot, king of the Palestinians, and the Ark of the Covenant was taken from them.In order to fight the Palestinians, Taloot was appointed to be the king of Bani Israel. And prepared for the battle. Daoud peace be upon him despite of his the young age to confront King Galoot but he killed him and enabled the victory of the army Taloot despite the little number of the army against the large number of Galoot army.Then Daoud married Michal, the daughter of King Taloot, and give birth of the Prophet Soliman, peace be upon him, who inherited the king and the wisdom of his father Daoud.

Built a Civilization for Bani Israel

God extended to our master Soliman with grace after the trials and gave him a king that no one will take after him until he knows that Allah is the strong mastermind of everything... Where he mocked him bird, humans , the fairies , demons and winds to spread the religion of Allah.Despite the construction of a large number of structures and houses of worship, however, the misfortune was still contending with the right and the enemies of the call are determined to accuse him of witchcraft and many attempts to get rid of it. But Soliman, thanks to his morals, and compassion, even to the ants, his teachings, and his wisdom, managed to defeat his enemies and made them believe in him after he found them right.He also managed to build a civilization for Bani Israel in all its components, with the help of its soldiers and the welfare of the good and prosperity of Bani Israel.

His great kingdom

And thanks to miracles, Soliman managed to liberate the sea from the injustice of Golan and his strength and the removal of the Queen of Sabaa' Balqis and its people from the worship of the sun to the worship of Allah the one and only.The birds left and the demons were liberated and the fairies went away after learning about the death of Soliman, who died a while ago, and they were still working, thinking that Soliman was alive, and they only knew from an animal in the land.Praise be to God Almighty and his slave and Prophet Soliman, peace be upon him many blessings and special qualities and was a title of greatness and glory and a manifestation of the great king and high degree .God has chosen him for the Prophecy and the book and the use of demons , the fairies, humans and wind, and the ability to hear the words of birds and ants and God gave him knowledge for the note of the judiciary and praise of the mountains and condemned him kings and princes and the most famous Queen of Sabaa' in Yemen and yet did not forget Allah's grace to him.

Production Masters


Ahmed Taha

Idea & Supervision

Mohammed Hilal ELBiali

Scenario and dialogue

Mohammed Hilal ELBiali

Doaa Salah


Doaa Salah

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