His Community

The first season of the series revolves around the biography of the Prophet Mohammed, may God bless him and grant him peace since before his birth, when Abraha attempted to destroy Al Kaaba to change the destination of pilgrims from Mecca to Yemen .Then the prophecies came to indicate that he was the expected prophet ..He grew up an orphan under the care of his grandfather Abdul Muttalib, and then his care was assigned to his uncle Abu Talib . He was called the honest and the trustworthy before he started his call thanks to his honesty, trust and sincerity.

Beginning of the Revelation

But at the beginning of the revelation to start his mission to call for the oneness of God and to leave the worship of idols, Quraish people revolted against him and started their hostility and hatred against him which compelled his followers to resort to the king of Abyssinia to avoid any conflict. And with the continued hostility and torture to the Muslims by the infidels God revealed to him to migrate to the city.

Badr Battle

And with the continued hostility of Quraish people towards Mohammed's followers starting from the unjust article to boycott the Muslims and with their torture, their seizure of the Muslims' money in Mecca, the Muslims either the migrants or the supporters got ready to fight against Quraish's infidels to defend themselves their money and their faith. The first season ends with the victory of Muslims over the Infidels in the famous battle of Badr.


The tolerance and creation of the master of creation

The second season of the series starts after the Great Badr battle through the invasion of Uhud and the subsequent events show the tolerance and creation of the master of creation, peace be upon him. In this section, we review the ethics of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his tolerance with his enemies of the Jews and the story of Thamama who wanted to kill the Prophet, through what happened with the Jews of Bani Qinqaa and Jews of Bani El Nadir to the Battle of Badr the final and what happened to the tale of Maaonah well, then Al Khundaq battle and Hudaybiyah reconciliation. Also embracing Islam of Amr ibn Al-Aas and Khalid bin Al-Waleed.This section ends at the Hudaybiyah reconciliation.

The greatness of The Prophet of Islam peace be upon him

The second season of Habib Allah recounts years of pride and glory to the beloved Muhammad, peace be upon him, his Muslim companions, and a clear and visible military genius in his enlightened ideas and wise leadership that has made him a great prestige and protector for every one need him. He has become the enemy of every wrongdoer. The great forces of evil are united against him by disbelievers and Jews.And there are many lessons remaining through the ages and times witness to the greatness of the Prophet of Islam peace be upon him.


His Death peace be upon him

The third season of the series begins after Amr ibn al-Aas Convert to Islam and Khalid ibn al-Walid Convert to Islam and then through the Mouta's invasion and sending the Prophet peace be upon him missions to all kings of the earth in order to enter Islam and then the entry of the masses in religion to the disease of the beloved and his death the best prayer and peace be upon him the beloved and the chosen and ends the biography of the death the most honorable one of all creatures, peace be upon him.

Production Masters


Ahmed Taha

Idea & Supervision

Mohammed Hilal ELBiali

Scenario and dialogue

Mohammed Hilal ELBiali

Dr. Ahmed Hassan



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